How to permanently delete your Facebook account — my ongoing process.

  1. The quality of posts on my feed seemed low. There were far more ads, and I didn’t understand why some of my friends (who I don’t interact with) showed up so much more than others. I don’t know when the “Show posts in new order” button went away, but I missed it.
  2. Messenger was the primary was I communicated with 20–30 people, and a good way to communicate with businesses. I wanted to keep my relationships with those people.
  3. I enjoyed writing posts and seeing the comments of friends and strangers, but engagement with my posts had declined. While I could blame algorithms, it’s more likely that I was less inspired to write and people were less inspired to comment. I also found I got more satisfaction engaging with people one on one, rather than with my social network en-masse.
  4. Instagram was perfectly fine for sharing pictures of my cats and trips, and I didn’t find myself spending an unhealthy amount of time on it. I also had a SmugMug account for storing pictures that people may want higher resolution versions of.
  5. I really didn’t want to lose all the old conversations and posts I made for sentimental reasons.
My last troll on Facebook.



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Mehal Shah

Mehal Shah

I like political discussion, the Buffalo Bills, Pizza Hut, and kitty cats.